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In the mornings when we have overslept

For many people, getting up early in the morning is a real problem. With the luring “Just five more minutes” occurs frequently to oversleep and when again we look at the clock to realize that we are late for work.

How to look good even in those moments?

For a start rinse your face with cold water, this will refresh it, and will help the eye area if it is swollen from the sleep, to soothe.

Apply moisturizing cream and while waiting for it to absorb into the skin, you can start with your hair.

If you are late, you do not have time for a hair press, hair dryer or curling iron, then the easiest way for it to look good is to lift it to a high ponytail or store it away with a few hairpins (if it is shorter).

Then apply foundation or a base for levelling the complexion.

If your skin looks good enough and without those products, then put a little blush on the cheeks as much as the face to look fresh.

Forget the shadows, eyeliner or pencil. With a few hand movements, apply mascara to the lashes. When they are long and beautiful, you can safely skip the rest of the makeup on the eyes.

Do not overdo it with the mascara in order not to make the eyelashes glued together and to not get dirty in the rush. If this does happen, with the help of cotton swab dipped in cream or cleanser you can fix the error.

Do not put bright lipsticks as they require time to be inflicted accurately and the application of contour on the lips with a pencil before that.

Better bet on lip gloss or a suitable balm with coloured hue.

With a few drops of perfume behind the ears and on the palms you are ready to start the workday!

And remember – no need for unnecessary stress and hurry. The more you rush, the more likely you will not be able to deal with anything.

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